Sign Up

Yes, you do need to sign up–we need the record-keeping for our regional grant and to let you know about any significant changes.

• I will bring only acceptable items. (Find list at “Accepted Materials” page on this website.)
• All organics will be bagged in paper bags or BPI certified compostable plastic bags.

Mankato residents can sign up for the free drop-off service by calling the 311 city line (507-387-8600). Online sign-ups are also available at the following City of Mankato site by clicking here.

Signing up entitles you to a starter kit from your city hall.  The kit includes sample compostable bags, some coupons for more bags, a program brochure, a complete list of “Acceptable Materials” and a shorter magnetic list of items for easy referral.

Dumpsters in all three cities are available for drop-offs during daylight hours at these locations:

The Mankato dumpsters are located at the Public Works Center, 501 S. Victory Drive AND at Sibley Park, 901 Mound Ave. near Animal Impound. Mankato residents with questions can contact:  Jane Dow, (507)  469-5537, or Betty Winkworth,  (507) 387-7170,

North Mankato residents can sign-up with April at city hall, 507-625-4141. Your drop site is located at the  Recycling Center, 600 Webster. North Mankato inquiries can be directed to Katy Wortel, (507) 345-4494,

Lake Crystal‘s dumpster is located at 132 S. Lilly Street. For sign-ups and questions call City Hall at 507-726-2538. Inquiries can also go to Gina Cooper, (507) 382-7276  or Sue Hytjan, (507) 340-0007.

Thanks for recycling your household organics!