Letter: Support Compost Labeling Bill



Hello (elected official),

The Minnesota Composting Council, a state-wide non-profit driven to help expand the composting industry, has been working over the past several years to develop language to amend the State’s Plastic Bag Labeling law (325E.046) to apply to all food or beverage products and packaging. I am writing to encourage you to support changes to this legislation when they are introduced in the 2021 legislative session.

Expanding this bill to food service items and other packaging will restrict companies from greenwashing their products. Only truly compostable products will be allowed to be sold/distributed in the State. Benefits of expanding this bill include:

  1. Reduce misleading claims of manufacturers and distributors to restaurants and other food establishments buying take-out containers
  2. Reduce resident confusion if an item is compostable
  3. Reduce contamination received at source-separated organics compost sites allowing them to produce quality compost.

It is important for this law to be passed this session as many communities are working on developing new residential and commercial organics recycling programs. For more information and supporters of this bill visit: mncompostingcouncil.org/advocacy.

As your constituent, I ask that you please support this bill.

Sincerely your constituent,