Mankato Zero Waste is a grassroots organization focused on reducing waste in all forms. Currently our biggest effort is a partnership with the Minnesota cities of Mankato, North Mankato, and Lake Crystal to provide drop-off sites at no extra charge for recycling organics from any area household into useable compost. While we had a brief shutdown the summer of 2019, we are back in business!

Travel with Ella as she explores the world of organics recycling! From backyard bins and worm boxes to large scale composting facilities, learn the science of decomposition and why it’s so important for a healthy planet. Experience organics recycling beyond the bin and help grow a greener future for us all! 🌎


egg shells, coffee grounds, vegetable bits

Start collecting your household organics from your kitchen or bathroom. See what is accepted. 

Then take your bagged organics (no plastic bags, please) to a city organics dumpster during daylight hours, any day you choose:

  • Mankato: 501 S. Victory Dr. front parking lot, Mankato Public Works Center OR Sibley Park, 901 Mound Ave., near Animal Impound
  • North Mankato: 600 Webster Ave. at the North Mankato Recycling Center
  • Lake Crystal: Recreation Center, 621 W. Nathan

Your organics will be hauled to a commercial composting facility near the Twin Cities to be turned into valuable compost rather than being burned or added to a landfill. 

Our thanks to the cities of Mankato, North Mankato and Lake Crystal for this service to reduce waste in the Greater Mankato Area!

How to Recycle Food Waste

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