Sign Up

Yes, you do need to sign up–we use sign-ups for our record-keeping and to let you know about any significant changes.  The good news–you don’t have to live in one of the three cities with organics dumpsters in order to sign up.

• I will bring only acceptable items. (Find list at Accepted Materials)
• All organics will be bagged in paper bags or BPI certified compostable plastic bags.

If using a Mankato dumpster sign up for the free drop-off service by calling the 311 city line (507-387-8600). Online sign-ups are also available on the City of Mankato’s website.

Signing up entitles you to a starter kit from your city hall.  The kit includes sample compostable bags, a program brochure, a complete list of Acceptable Materials and a shorter list of items for easy referral.

Dumpsters in all three cities are available for drop-offs during daylight hours at these locations:

The Mankato dumpsters are located at the Public Works Center, 501 S. Victory Drive AND at Sibley Park, 901 Mound Ave. near Animal Impound. For Mankato  dumpster questions  contact:  Jane Dow, (507)  469-5537, [email protected] or Betty Winkworth,  (507) 380-1008, [email protected].

To use the North Mankato dumpster sign-up with April at city hall, 507-625-4141. Your drop site is located at the Recycling Center, 600 Webster. North Mankato inquiries can be directed to Molly Yunkers, (507) 995-4385.

Lake Crystal‘s dumpster is located at the Recreation Center, 621 W. Nathan. For sign-ups and questions call City Hall at 507-726-2538.

Thanks for recycling your household organics!