Where to Find Compostable Products Locally


  • CUB WEST has Wild Harvest compostable straws, compostable bags and Shopper’s Value compostable plates.
  • CUB EAST has Shoppers Valu compostable plates, compostable straws and Wild Harvest or biobag compostable bags.
  • TARGET has plates and Matter compostable trash bags, Ziploc and sandwich bags.
  • ALDI has Boulder compostable bags.
  • PARTY CITY has a special “ECO-PARTY” section with a variety of plates and bowls (more colors on line).
  • PARTIES & WEDDINGS PLUS can special order compostable products if requested.
  • Some restaurants have switched from Styrofoam to other take-out containers. These are not recyclable if the paper containers have plastic coating. Ask restaurants to offer compostable take-out containers and cutlery instead of plastic-coated paper.