Other Resources


  • www.mankatozerowaste.com – local group with information on composting, recycling, plastics and city drop-off sites for organic recycling.
  • www.blueearthcountymn.gov BEC Environmental Services has a Waste Wizard tool. Search for any material to find out where and how to recycle it. You can also change your search to another county.
  • http://ilsr.org/initiatives/composting – Institute for Local Self Reliance, State of Composting in the U.S.: What, Why, Where & How  and Growing Local Fertility: A Guide to Composting
  • http://ilsr.org/initiatives/zero-waste-and-economic-development –  An excellent sosurce for information on the latest compost activities
  • www.recycleminnesota.org – site for Recycling Association of Minnesota
  • http://www.sustainableplastics.org – discusses the problems with fossil-fuel based plastics and the opportunities and challenges of using biobased plastics
  • www.eurekarecycling.org –  Eureka is a zero-waste organization located in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul with a wide range of initiatives focusing on reuse, recycling, composting, and waste reduction.
  • www.pca.state.mn.us – Waste and Pollution Prevention, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency | 520 Lafayette Rd. N | St. Paul, MN  55155 | 651-757-2276
  • www.iatp.org Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy  IATP works to ensure fair and sustainable food, farm and trade systems.
  • mncompostingcouncil.org – Events, trainings and resources for composting in Minnesota
  • www.mulchstoremn.com – The Mulch Store
  • https://www.recyclingconnections.org/composting – information on backyard composting
  • https//extension.umn.edu/master-gardener/ask-master-gardener – info on gardening and composting