Plastic Pollution Resources

There are many threats to our planet and our bodies from plastics as they are produced, used and breaking into infinitely smaller particles. From this page, you can research books, articles and videos to learn more about the problem and possible solutions. 



What’s the Problem with Using Plastics? Wildlife, climate change, health, solutions enacted

Why? Amount of discarded plastic, amount consumed with food, grocery store savings for eliminating plastic bags

How Can I Reduce My Use of Plastics? Practices that reduce the use of plastics: substitutions, shopping, at home


Videos Judith Enck and guest research speakers on the effects of microplastics on our health (One hour) Break Free From Plastic Movement (Two Minutes) Plastic Wars, Plastic Pollution: A Planetary Crisis Season 2020, Episode 8 (One hour) Video on why we need to stop plastics in our oceans for good. (Four minutes)  The Story of Plastics Trailer — Two minutes. You can watch the entire video on Discovery. It is excellent! Plastics industry insiders reveal the truth about recycling. “Plastic Wars” (One hour) How the plastics industry used recycling to fend off bans. “Plastic Wars” (One hour)